2006 Corolla - Bolt Size For Trailer Hitch Installation


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I am buying a 2006 Corolla to replace the 1995 Geo Prizm I have been driving for 12 years. On the Prizm, the metal beam going back to the bumper had a flange that I could get a strap hook on to tie down my canoe. The equivalent beams in the Corolla are more of a box tube without any flange. However the mechanic that checked out the Corolla for me pointed out that the metal tube has threaded holes so a trailer hitch can be installed. I would like to install some eye bolts or hooks that I can hook straps to for my canoe.

Does anyone know what size and thread the bolts for that installation are?

I looked up a trailer hitch for an '06 Corolla and the specs said it came with 4 Hex Bolts - M12 x 1.25 x 35 CL8.8. I don't know how to read that to know what the bolt size and thread are.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, Eric



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M12 x 1.25 x 35 CL 8.8 means...

M12 is a 12mm wide bolt

x1.25 is 1.25mm between the threads

x 35 is 35mm long between the end of the threads and the base of the head

Class 8.8 hardness

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Which trailer hitch are you looking at? I picked up a Reese and it fit no problem on my 06. I don't remember the exact model. I'll have you know that putting in the converter for the trailer lights the proper way is a pain in the rear. You have to take the bumper off to run the wires. The oem ones aren't cheap either, at least not here in Canada.



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K_Watson - Thank you for the interpretation. Now I don't have to get a fistful of bolts and try each one until I find a fit.

Cain - I'm not looking for an actual hitch. I want to use the threaded holes in the Corolla's structure for eye bolts for another purpose.



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Ah I see. I guess I missed that part of your post. Well at least now you know you're in for some fun if you do decide to put a hitch on it one day.


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