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Adding Tweeters (2003 LE)

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How hard is it to add tweeters in my 2003 Corolla LE? It appears that the mirror supports have grilled cubbys for tweeters? If this is so, are they pre-wired? What brand/models fit easily? How hard are they to install?

Thanks in advance,


I have the 6 speaker setup and the tweeters are in the mirror supports. Would yours be prewired? Considering the grills are already there, most likely.

But there are a few questions. Are the woofers in the doors dual cone for both setups? Is the amp 6 channel wired for both setups?

I've been googling for the stereo specs in vain so far.

This sure is an inactive forum. I have a Miata as well, and the Miata forum is awesome. Oh well.



Yes, the tweeters are pre-wired. At least that's the case in my '03 CE. You'll need to remove the door panel to access the harness.

The tweeters are directly in parallel (no crossover) with the 6" woofer inside of the door.

I opted not to spend the money on crappy Toyota speakers and got a boston acoustics component speaker set.


If you plan on swapping for a set of aftermarket speakers, when you go and install your tweeters you MIGHT be better off not using the existing wires. I would run new wires or use the ones that come with the new set. The reason is because they do run parallel to the door speaker (with no crossover), and aftermarket components come with crossovers made to protect your new speakers. And it would be too much time (I think a waste of time) trying to find where the manufacturer spliced the wires. You would be better off in the long run NOT using the cars original wires when planning on upgrading the stereo because they are so tiny to begin with.

Thank, that's good to know. I may cheap out at first and just throw some pizos in to get the highs above my knees - playing live music in the 60s and 70s ruined my ears, ya know?

What's involved with popping the door panels?