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From Hailey, June 22


I purchased a 2016 Corolla back in FEB 2020. It has less than 20000 miles. I went to turn on the AC today and it's blowing nothing but warm air. Just to make sure I wasnt using

the controls incorrectly,  I had 2 other Corolla owners try the AC. Everyone is baffled. My fear is that this is something major and the cost will have to come out of my pocket. I did not get

an extended warranty when I purchased the car.

Is there any one who has had a problem or could tell me what might be the issue?

I have contacted the dealership/salesman where I purchased the car. They instructed me to make a service appointment.

Thanks for any advice

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It's almost certainly a coolant leak, but it might not be. Pop the hood and start the car. See if the compressor is working, or if the pulley is just spinning and the compressor isn't doing anything. If the compressor appears to be working, you probably have a simple issue with a vent system door not opening or some such. However it's probably an a/c refrigerant leak. If that's the case, you are indeed right to be worried. I would not have the dealer fix this as their rates tend to be very high, on the lighter side they have the right equipment. A dedicated a/c place would also have the right equipment with hopefully lower rates. A good indie mechanic, too, should be set up to fix this. 

Air conditioning is big bucks to fix, most of the time, as you fear. However, Toyota "might" stand behind it since the car is still practically new, and the dealership "might" cut the price because the car might have had that problem when they sold it to you.

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