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Willow got chewed?

By CorollaPrizmGurl, June 13 in Toyota Corolla (2009 until 2018-19 “TNGA”)

Willow, my mom's Corolla and my avatar here had a dead battery and sat for a while. The car's radio was weak with the headlights before that, so the battery was thought old. When the original battery was hooked up to jumper cables, the car would crank but not start and  (this was true before the weeks of sitting)was no crank without cables. We think the critters we know were around the car may have chewed some wires, perhaps, due to the lights not all lighting. She (named cars get feminine pronouns if they fit with the name in my family) went to a garage my family's used before on a flatbed. They seem backed up as they haven't called us as I type this.

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That's pretty bad but not unusual. Might still be the battery though. Sometimes with  a cheap set of jumpers and a bad battery you can't get enough current through.

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