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2002 Toyota Corolla with 2ZZ-GE engine - Diesel noise on low rpms

By Fanaz, November 19, 2019

I own a 02" Corolla with 2ZZ-GE engine. About a year (12 000km)  ago I have rebuild engine myself. Manual gearbox was rebuilt too, but by service guy.  After rebuild everything was working fine, except for unusually noisy gearbox.

Recently, about a week ago engine started to knock silently, and knock is more loud every day. Knock is audible only on acceleration from low rpm's (like 600), and almost disappears at about 1500 rpm. More engine load generates louder knock. The knock sounds like diesel engine, or tapping two wooden sticks. There is no knock at higher rpm's and engine easily accelerates to redline. ECU diagnostics doesn't show anything unusual.

What are possible causes for that knock? Thrust washers? Gearbox? Anything else?

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Sorry it took me so long to approve that

Checked oil pressure, it's normal, even on the higher side. How to distinguish between rod bearing and wrist pin failure? How to check if it is a failed inner CV joint?

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