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Hot Start Problem

by Ezekiel Burns October 4, 2019 in Performance, Engines, Engine Swaps, Cornering

Just 2 months after overhauling  my Toyota Corolla 5E-FE, i started experiencing few problems.

One of the problems is," It starts fine & idling well when it's cold but hard starts when the engine is hot/warm"

Really need assistance to get this problem fixed.....

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Maybe ensure sensors are clean; ie Main Air Flow (MAF)? Does it seem like it is getting too much air or too much gas?

That's what I thought at the first place, but not  sure if the MAF Sensor is the problem. I'll check the MAF Sensor and confirmed.

What about the O2 Sensor, does it have anything to do with the problem?

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If it's the oxygen sensor, the check engine light will go on and you can retrieve codes. Assuming it's on OBD II (I think that was required as of 1995 or 1996 so it'd have to be a late model engine).

I had this problem when I used aftermarket replacement starters.

It took ages to sort out.  Car would start fine when cold, but couldn't re-start if warmed up.

turns out the OEM starter will hit slower, then speed up if a start does not happen, giving you a good start every time.  Aftermarket starters will not speed up the spark, just the same slow chug.

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Pretty cool feature. I'd have thought that would be done by the computer but it's still cool

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