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Konig Hypergrams on a 06 corolla? bilstein b12 pro kit?

by Bigheadstudios, May 15, 2019 in Performance, Engines, Engine Swaps, Cornering

First post, anyone running The 17x8 +35 Konig hypergrams on their 9th gen? or a similarly specced wheel? Any rubbing or anything nasty like that? I'm still on the stock suspension right now but was thinking of going with the Bilstein B12 PRO KIT. If anyone is running that kit I'd love to know how that's going.

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I think your offset is fine. When I go to wheel and tire web sites (, etc.) the offset is usually between +40 and 35. You may want to verify what fits on a web site like that. Another good one might be

just looked and the offset is +40 on the konigs. I've looked at all those sites before. I was just wondering if anyone was running them because I have found literally no pictures of them on a corollaXD thanks for the help though

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