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My dad's 2010 toyota corolla, constantly beeps all day when turned off and parked. It isn't beeping at a consistent time (e.g- every 5 seconds)

But when it does beep once, it will beep another several times. quite annoying, to me and probably my neighbours also....

Not too sure if theres an easy home fix I can do, or should I take it back to the dealership.

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Is it also trying to lock the doors? Could be that one of the remotes is broken and one of the buttons is making contact when it shouldn't (e.g. bad spring). 

If that's not it, it might actually be someone operating some radio equipment on the wrong frequency in the area, though really that shouldn't do it with modern locking codes. 

I would try taking the batteries out of the remotes first, and see if that stops it. 

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Another thought: shut off the beeping, if the locks aren't being activated. 

Open the driver's door and leave it open throughout this process.

Within five seconds, put the ignition key in, remove it, put it in again, and turn it to RUN (not START!)

Wait ten seconds, then push Lock twice within ten seconds. It should beep twice to tell you the beeps are off. (This is from 2002, not sure it will still work in 2010.)

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Funny story - we thought my wife's Toyota Venza was beeping. Turned out that the garage door opener needed battery replaced. It was really weird, as it sounded like it was from the Venza, due to it being under the garage door opener. Then, we heard the beeping when the Venza was not in the garage.

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