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Toyota repurposing Canadian Corolla plant

By Dave, April 29, 2019

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Some were concerned that Toyota would shut down its unionized Corolla assembly plant in Ontario, but the company is repurposing it to make Lexus crossovers alongside RAV4s and the Lexus RX. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the Cambridge, Ontario plant will start making the Lexus NX in 2022; there will be both gasoline and hybrid powerplants.

The plant is around 60 miles west of Toronto, roughly between Chrysler's two Canadian assembly plants. It's a popular area for automakers. Other Toyota vehicles made in Canada are the RAV4 and Lexus RX, also made in Cambridge; the gasoline RAV4 will be made in Cambridge, while the hybrid will go to Kentucky.

GM's Oshawa plant, which is northeast of Toronto, is slated to be shut down in the next year or two, a victim of a rapid switch from sedans to crossovers.

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