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1997 Tercel Drivetrain Upgrades

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I'd like a late model Automatic Transmission with more gears

for Interstate driving - currently engine RPM at 75_+ seems screaming.

Is there a late model bolt in motor/trans combo that doesn't require a welder?

Also .. steering is too quick at Interstate speeds - sneeze & it's guardrails.

Is there a less quick set up that bolts in ?

It's a 1997 Tercel Blackhawk in very good condition.

Thanks in Advance.



A faster horse

Not really my area of expertise but I do know there are a few experimental methods out there, but using a welder still seems to be the most reliable and efficient method. 

Have you looked into brazing?


Bolt on vs brazing or welding

A faster horse

Bolt on vs brazing or welding


You find brazing to be on par with welding? What are your experiences ?