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Shell Rotella T6 5W-40

By smug, March 2, 2019

Since new always used Moble 1 and did all oil/filter changes myself.  1ZZFE is a noisy thing.  Its noisy on start up and then when warm is quieter @115k miles.  Retired now no longer driving 10-12K miles yearly. More like stop n go around town...5K miles yearly.   Rotella might be better oil with the HD additives than Mobil 1 I've heard. Quieter, better stop n go protection.   Anyone using Rottela T6 ?  I think i give it try.  See if quieter. 

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I wouldn't use it... or additives. Just don't worry about the noise. If you're using synthetic oil and the correct grade (was it 5W30? I can't recall...) then you're set. Engines can last hundreds of thousands of miles in those conditions. 

I be thinking too much.  I still use Mobil 5W30.  If it aint broke don't think so much about it.

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Agreed. I had a car whose engine made a valve-tap noise pretty consistently for around 100,000 miles. Then I sold it

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