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High speed clunk, vibrations

By drewwarntjes, January 28, 2019


2007 corolla le 125000 miles.  

Rear end of Car is making loud clunking and vibration going at high speeds 70mphs.  Nothing below that, but when i get to 70 almost immediately starts to clunk and clunks in responds to uneven road surfaces and bumps.  After coming off highway will continue noise for a little while longer but then disappears.  Any ideas are helpful.

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I would first rotate your tires (rear to front). If issue follows the tires, they may be "out of round". If issue persists in rear, you know your tires are good. I would then jack up the rear end of the car and inspect shocks for any sign of leakage. Also, look for any cracks, holes from runs (indicates weak body structure). In the very least, look in your trunk - be sure to inspect area for spare tire, maybe something is loose there. If possible make a YouTube video. It could be an audio-only recording. You could put your phone in the trunk get up to speed, when sound happens, pull over and stop recording. This may help others diagnose issue.

So I put my summer wheels on the rear and noise persists so I can eliminate tires and rims as the culprit.  I sat in the trunk with someone else driving and noise seems to be right at the right rear wheel.  Couldn’t really feel it through the strut mount though.  think it could be something to do with my brakes, or wheel bearing?  Does not hum like a bearing though.  More of a knocking.  Or just replace struts and go from there.  Thanks

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Thanks for changing wheels and tire! That helps to narrow it down. I had issue with tire being out of round, which was only noticeable at higher speeds.

Check out this YouTube video. You may want to comment on it to get the perspective of the YouTuber ...



Maybe this might be the solution??

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