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Heated seats installation questions

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I am planning to install heated seats for my wife 2003 corolla for Chicago winter weather.  The brand is Rostra and the price is around $150. After seeing some videos on Youtube, the most time consuming is the car upholstery. I want to know if the 2003 corolla use hog rings for the seat. My car seat is manual so I don't have to worry about airbag. I am also planning to use add a fuses to both car seats. Currently the car has Autopage remote starter and front and rear dash camera. These two are running on ACC. Hopefully I don't have to upgrade to a higher amperage alternator. Has anybody has experience with car upholstery. Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated.




I finally have time to install heated pads from Rostra. It was not hard but time consuming. It is working for a month now. I used tie wrap or zip tie to replace hog rings. To make sure the heat pads stick to the seats for the long time, I used 3M adhesive spray on the seats. I also use one extra fuse 5A for the accessory line. The reason I chose Rostra due to 3 years warranty and once I put it on the seat, I don't want to touch it anymore.


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