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By Beel, October 13, 2018

Does anyone here know where the tail light relay is located on the Corolla? The parking/tail lights license plate light and gear indicator lights (A/T) won't turn off. From the  symptoms and the wiring diagram, I think the most likely suspect is the tail light relay. (which controls all parking lights). However, I don't know where the relay is, and would appreciate if anyone could steer me in the right direction. TIA

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It's behind the coin box on the drivers side. Take out the coin box and the relay is on the back side of the fuse block you will see. Try lightly tapping just below the 15 amp fuse to see if the relay is stuck. If it is the lights will turn off. I need to change mine but haven't been able to yet. 

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Thanks for the information. I was not able to remove the relay, but did pull the fuse to get the parking lights turned off. Now I don't have to disconnect the battery to keep the lights off.

I saw in your other post that you changed the relay and it didn't solve your problem. Sorry to hear that. From what I've seen, you must have gone to a lot of effort to remove the relay. On mine, there's a heater duct blocking access to the relay; so I'll probably have to remove a lot of stuff to get access to the relay.

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I replaced my relay with a digital one, so I won't have hyperflashing with the LED bulbs I installed. It was a pain to get to the relay, but well worth it.

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