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2013 AC stopped working

by franklinpug, October 10, 2018

The AC on my 2013 stopped working today. Fan motor runs fine, and the ac light comes on, but all i get it hot air.

I had a similar issue with my old 2003 Corolla, and an AC relay replacement did the trick (which I learned about on this forum). With the 03, I swapped the horn relay for the AC relay just to test. I want to do the same with the 2013, but none of the relays are labelled in the manual or the fuse box under the hood.

Can someone help me out?

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This may or may not be the correct diagram. 

[ATTACH]17[/ATTACH]/monthly_2019_01/image.png.aa49c70197c8970d3d714238ac01db0c.png" data-ratio="123.57">

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