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Transmission Options

By cadvan, August 15, 2018 in Performance, Engines, Engine Swaps, Cornering

I have an 09 corolla le, currently with the 2zrfe engine and u341e transaxle. I have been researching converting it to a manual, but am unable to find some information thus far. What model transaxle would I swap in? The c59? If I later decided to do an enine swap to the 2azfe engine (which was offered in the 09-10 corolla xrs), would the transaxle still work or would I have to get a different one?

Also, is the crossmember for the auto and manual transaxles the same?

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Maybe trade in your automatic for a Corolla with a manual transmission? If you really want to do the swap, you can often find the correct part by going to a Toyota dealer web site such as the following:

The above is for the CE trim, but it should be fine for LE trim. Once you have the part number(s), you can then do a wider internet search for best price.


Thanks for the tip with the toyota parts site. I am mostly just entertaining the idea at the moment and learning about my car.  It may be that my flexplate needs replacing (has been making the starters make grinding noises) so I may have to work on the transmission anyways.

Looks like it's either the c59 or e351 transaxles. Are they interchangable between the two engines? Between the frames (zre142 (mine) and aze141)?

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