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By Dave1996, February 2, 2018

Hello guys,

I have a 1999 Corolla LE with a 138k miles,

It has three smaller problems, I purchased it from a used car dealer, and he straight up lied.

1: the interior driver's door handle will not work, got a replacement, and attached to the metal arm inside the door, will still not open. Wondering how difficult it would be to fix.

2: The left turn signal will not work, unless you put the control arm into a certain position, not sure if it takes a fuse, or control arm service to fix.

3: My corolla goes over speed bumps just fine, but even the smallest dip on the road, will send the underside of the car to hit the pavement, to the point you can feel it happening.

4: a few drops of oil have appeared, should I be scared? and what should I be replacing in my engine

I understand you cannot help all my problems, But any help appreciated, as I am a broke community college student.

Thanks in advance, Love the mileage and the reliability of my 99' Corolla.

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I would look at parts and prices on Rock Auto web site for door prices, so you know about how much it will cost. If you can remove the door trim (stereo installer tools recommended + YouTube videos) you may be able to spot where the door operation is failing.

Turn signal may just be loose. It may need some plastic pieces removed to locate screw and tighten. There are stereo installer tools made of plastic, that may be helpful in remove plastic, so you don't mar and scratch interior.

I would replace shocks as you can afford them. Maybe replace the them 2 at a time (front ones first or rear ones first).

Oil drops are not uncommon for this vehicle. It may just need a gasket replacement, but if you can find the source of the oil, that would help. Often, mechanics over-tighten the oil drain plug and issue could be fixed with gasket near oil drain plug.

Honestly, unless you can dump a $1000.00 into this car and do most of the work yourself, you maybe better off not spending a dime, and driving it into the ground, and save you money for something else.

The door is relatively easy to take off. It will be obvious what is not connected, and keep the door from unlocking.

Just Take care off the front shocks: Very affordable. Find a friend with lots of tools who can help.

If the engine is running fine, and your are seeing oil, Do an oil change and filter: Use castral gtx sludge protection. Buy it from walmart for 19.99 for 5 quarts jugs. Every other week check and top off oil as need. Basically let the oil drip out. until it becomes an issue. At this point its hard to recommend dumping more money into this car. Keep us posted.

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