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2010 Corolla Vibration At 110-120

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Hello, I have a 2010 4dr Corola (1.8 just a basic with air,cruise,ps pw) with 150000km. It has a vibration at about 110 to 120kph. It is not really noticeable until the vehicle has warmed up (about 20 minutes driving time). It seems worse when under load for example going up a hill. The odd time I get a really weird clunk when the transmission shifts. I had the tires balanced and air pressure is good. It does not feel out of alignment either. One person said it sounds like a motor mount and there is a fair bit of give on the one at left side centerish under the firewall almost of the engine(sitting in the driver seat). I was hoping for some insight before I start spending money. I am a do it yourselfer for the most part.

Thanks for any help