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Air In Brake Lines?

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I was replacing the front struts in my 2000 and accidentally removed the brake line bolt, cause fluid to leak out (not the bleeder valve, but the bolt).

Completely stupid, I know.

After finishing the job, my brakes are spongy. I added more fluid, but that didn't do it. So, two things:

1) This is an air in the brake line issue now, isn't it? I need to bleed the lines.

2) If there was liquid pouring out of the line, how did air get inside? It would have been leaking for just a couple seconds and was immediately reattached. Is that long enough for air to invade the system?

Obviously I'm still learning with this stuff, so any input is appreciated.



Even a small amount of air will make a poor pedal, check out videos on youtube about how to bleed brakes, you should only need to bleed that one corner.


How's your brake now? My buddy had the same mistake as well, you really need to bleed to get the pedal to normal.