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By nick, December 1, 2016


I just did a simple trans fluid drain and fill on my 1998 Corolla, 4 speed with overdrive. The fluid capacity is supposed to be 3.3 quarts but when i drained it I got about 4.3 quarts out. I drained it with the front wheels on ramps. The last time I had the fluid replaced was quite a few years ago. I had a shop do it with the filter replacement, etc. Did the shop overfill it by 1 whole quart and I've just been driving it around without issue over the past few years. I only put 3.3 quarts back in, but I'm a little nervous. Should I just leave the 3.3 quarts in and call it good?

Thanks for any suggestions,


After driving to have transmission at normal operating temperature, check fluid level while engine is idling. It should be between the two upper Hot marks.

Thanks dom. I wasn't sure if you were supposed to check that with engine off or on. I couldn't find it in my manual. Still baffled there was a whole extra quart in there.

Do you still have the receipt? It's a bit late to ask them how much ATF they refilled it with.... So your level is finally correct now that you've checked it. Does it run any better now?

On my 2002 Corolla with the 4-speed auto - I occasionally get a touch over 4 quarts when I do a drain and refill. All depends on the temperature of the fluid when you drain it and if additional fluid drips out of the valvebody, etc.

Unless the car was running oddly before - I'd wager that the transaxle was likely not overfilled by a full quart - might have been a little overfilled, as long as it registers between the min/max notches on the dipstick - you're good to go.

Just make sure the level is right for now - next time you do a drain and refill - note how much fluid comes out then.

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