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2001 Corolla Parasitic Drain Integration Relay Problem?

By jjayakumar, November 7, 2016


My high beam on the dash has been flickering for a while and the light does not automatically turn on at night, i have to turn on the headlights manually. Recently when i did that i smelled burning electrical wire smell. My tail light and fog lights did not shut off. I pulled off the tail light fuse and then put it back after which the lights are off but my battery was drained every day for the last 3 days and the battery gave out. I got a new battery and checked the parasitic draw and it is at 220 mA. Which is pretty high. I tried pulling a bunch of fuses and checked the parasitic draw but nothing made it drop. I could not pull out some fuses as they seem lodged and also i could not pull out the DRL relay on the right side of the engine under the hood near right headlamp. After removing drive lower dash panel and passenger dash board and looking at DRL module , i touched the integration relay behind the interior fuse box and found it to be hot, so i know that it is linked to the parasitic draw. My big problem is i took of the panel but the fuse box does not seem to budge. I dont want to yank it too hard off. Are there any other screws or clips? How do i remove the interior fuse box so that i can actually access and remove/replace the integration relay and possibly the tail light relay too? Also i saw 3 white wires near drive left kick panel, is that the ground associated with the integration relay? I want to solve this, please help me with any advise on similar experiences and issues. Thank you so much.

I'm pretty sure that unit is bolted in. Someone on this forum ran into a similar situation that you had. Might be able to do a search on integration relay and see what that turns up.

Check the DRL box above the glovebox, it's likely smoked due to a bad ground by the driver side outer foot well above the carpet. It might be ground 201 or ground 202, it's been a long time since I had to repair one. Inside the box will be a smoked chip about in the middle of the the one side, it fuses to the ON position and ground pulls backward through the circuit, usually the symptom is the engine dies when the lights come on but depending what part of the box smoked up then other weird things can happen.

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Hi Bitter. I had this problem with my 98 Toyota Corolla. I had to repair the ground issue first before replacing the DRL relay module. My guess is the bad ground caused the DRL relay module to fry (burned diodes I think). I wonder what caused my ground wire to burn? Having daytime running lights on all the time while driving for over 250,000 plus miles?

What causes the ground to burn is a poor design that couldn't handle the current over a long period of time. That ground comb design isn't very good for loads like that, it's OK for lighter loads tho.

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