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9Th Generation Manual Transmission Swap For 8Th Manual Transmission

by Road7star, October 11, 2016 in Performance, Engines, Engine Swaps, Cornering

I have a 2004 corolla (9th Generation) with a manual transmission. The transmission is making a loud grinding noise when I try to release the clutch( Car does not move). It seems like the transmission need replacing but the cost of the transmission for the 9th generation is costly. The 8th generation corolla (98-2002) uses the same C59 transmission with different final gear ratio. Is it possible to swap the 9th generation c59 for 8th generation C59 manual transmission? Any help would be much appreciated.

Has been done before - the two transaxles are interchangeable - but as you mentioned, has a different final gear ratio, electrical connectors are different (went from 16-bit to 32-bit OBD-II in preparation for CAN bus protocols). The engine will lug a bit more, as the 8th gen was geared for lower RPMs compared to the mid-range sweet spot on the 9th gens - but the Corolla is pretty light, just have to change your shifting strategy around.

Cost wise - the two should be pretty close - as I was looking to get an 9th gen transaxle to replace my 8th gen (most of these are pretty high mileage). Also depends on where you live at - possible that the available number of transaxles for the 9th gen are just harder to find.

If you plan on swapping this yourself - better to stick with the 9th gen transaxle (2004 model year and above, the 2003 transaxle has problems with their synchros) - less headaches in the end, no goofy wiring - worth the couple of extra bucks IMO.

Thanks fishexpo. I will spend the extra money and get the 9th generation since the electrical connection is different. The 8th Generation is $350 while the 9th generation is $900 in florida.

Any one know if a JDM version of the Transmission would work. I look at one and decided against it because the shift linkage was not bolt on in the same place as mine. The seller was telling me that the JDM version year 2001 to 2005 would work in my car but I was skeptical. The $900 deal for the transmission for my year car felt through. and thanks again.

I went ahead and did the swap for a 8th generation transmission in a 9th generation car. Everything bolts up well. The only issue is that axle will not fit into the 8th generation tranny. The electrical was not an issue at all. The tranny just has a speed sensor and the reverse light sensor. I am going to see if I can get some 8th generation cv axle ends and see if my axle will fit into it.

I am in the same situation as you Road7star I want to put a 8th gen C59 5 speed in a 9th gen, You are the only person I have found that actually says you have done the swap and it fit other than the CV axles. What else did you find out with the swap? Did you find axles that fit? Thanks

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Tshoe7 later reported that while the transmission fits on the engine block, the axles don't. 

Guest Tshoe7

Road7star says that the axles didn’t fit but was there ever a work around found (like a combination of 2 axles that made work? i.e inboard joint from 8th gen put onto the shaft and outboard joint of the 9th gen) 

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