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Odometer Quit At 299,999

by Hamilton Felix June 25, 2016

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Yesterday, I stopped for gas in our 2007 Corolla and switched from trip odo to main odo. It stood at 299999. Wow, I knew it was getting close. Think I'll watch it roll over, maybe pull over and take a picture of this milestone. Several miles later, it was still at 299999. Trip odometers work fine.

I called the Toyota dealership. They called back after a while, and told me that's as far as the odometer goes on my year. Apparently Toyota only did this on a few years, maybe not even the entire 9th generation, but they built 'em that way. The service guy and I agreed this is ridiculous on the Corolla, which is noted for lasting a very long time.

I guess I will be using trip odometers and doing math.

Yes, all 9th gen 2003-2008 Corolla are like that... I started using trip B meter which resets to zero every 10,000 kms when I hit 299,999 to keep track.

I also wish the temperature display would read colder than -30C.

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