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Led Turn Signal Side Mirrors - Corolla 2007 S

By thapipo, August 9, 2015


Yesterday, i've installed led turn signal mirrors on my corolla 2007 S.

[image dead]

Everything's workin except when i turn on my heaglight in night. I dont know why but the led stop working, i think when the headlight are turn on, there's no more power to my turn signal to light up the LEDS.

Turn signals work fine , no problem with them , it's just the LEDs doesn't light up anymore and headlight are turn on.

I've plug my LED directly on my turn signals wire.

[image dead]

On the turn signals wires, there's a negative and a positive wire, the one in the middle, i think its the ground.

Can somebody help me on this ? or have a solution ?

Thanks you !


BUMP, any ideas, tomorrow, i'll plug my voltmeter to see what's going on!

Quick clarification

- When are the LED lights working?

- Do they flash when you kick on the emergency flashers?

- Do the existing turn signals come on with the LEDs?

- What happens when you just turn on the parking lights, main headlamps not on - do they still work?

- Did the LED setup come with a resistor built-in and/or relay?

- If the main lamps are on, do the existing turn signal lamps flash when commanded or are they out as well?

As for the turn signal wiring - there is a parking lamp (12V source, ignition switch/hazard switch on), switched connection for turn signal (drops from 12V to 0V, depending on mode), and chassis ground. Sounds like you got it to the right one, as you mentioned that it works as long as the main headlamps are not on.

Can't see your images - as they block that are work - I'll take a look when I get home, could be something simple in the wiring.

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