Anybody Had This Happened? - 2013 Corolla

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Three times it appeared like the "fly by wire" just dropped out like my mouse sometimes loses connection on my IMAC. Twice months ago, once last week. All going downhill slowly just after going over a bump.

Never set a code, so dealer has nothing to diagnose.

Car drops to idle rpm and pressing accelerator has no response. Turn off key. Restart. Works fine again.

This could be serious for someone pulling into traffic.

Never heard of that happening before - I agree, it could be a major safety concern.

Does it happen exactly the same way - ie, slowly moving with/without pressing the accelerator and after hitting a bump or otherwise upset the chassis?

Can't think of anything off the top of my head to check on - dealership should put the ECM through its paces with a Techstream tool. Sounds like a sensor could be a culprit or something electrical (bump cause brief signal loss / power loss). That could put the ECM in a funny state, one which it seems it cannot recover from without a full power cycling.

Thanks, Fish.

Always happens moving slowly with light pressure on accelerator and heading on a slight downward slope after a light bump.

Will discuss again with dealer at next service visit. Have plenty of warranty left.