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Trunk Leaking In 2006 Corolla

By lastdaysofgravity, June 9, 2015

I have a leak somewhere in my trunk area. The seal around the trunk looks like its in good shape and the water seems to be dispersed over the entire trunk area. I heard the taillights may leak but the water isn't concentrated near the taillights. I do park under a tree and get lots of trees and debris on my car. Could dirt/tree foilage stuck under the trunk seal effect it? Maybe water is leaking under the seal and not where it meets the trunk. I still don't see how it would leak past the main part though.

Anyone have this issue with their car?

I've seen it with other cars, especially if parked under a tree. Though it can really happen anywhere the car is exposed to rain.

The seal on the trunk is really only designed to keep dust and a light splashing of water from entering the trunk area. Under something that is constantly dropping debris on the car - you could get some of that debris to form sort of a dam in channels running around the perimeter of the trunk. Once that happens, water will have a lot easier time to push past that seal.

Could try getting a buddy to lay in the trunk with a flashlight, while you spray water around the perimeter of the trunk with a hose. I also found that treating the rubber foam seal + where it contacts the trunk lid with silicone spray or similar - to help prevent water from wicking up the seal.

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