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2002 Corolla Oil Consumption Gone South

By eyevahn, March 27, 2015

So, I've posted a few times about my oil consumption issues. I purchased my 2002 corolla s 5spd used with 167k miles on it 9 months ago and right away realized it was burning oil fast. After a few weeks I was calculating about 1 qt per 250-300 miles. I bought it on "as is" terms so what can you do. I figured I would just top the oil off for a couple of years and then scrap it for another car. Since it's still getting around 35mpg I figured, oh well, at least I'm getting decent mileage. Well... today, for the first time it is spitting oil out of the exhaust and blowing smoke every time I hit the gas.

I am afraid to even drive it now because I am assuming the oil consumption NOW is probably like 1 qt every 50-100 miles. Because my compression test came back good on all cylinders, I am assuming my valve stem seals are shot and oil is just pouring into the combustion chamber. So... where to go from here? I can buy a used 9th gen motor off ebay for $750-1k and I have a mechanic who could probably do the work for under $1k. I say screw the 8th gen motors. But then I'm another $2k sunk in a veh with now 173k miles on it and worth only $2k in good condition.

What do y'all think? Craigslist with a disclaimer, try to rebuild it myself, or swap the engine?

Well, it is possible to replace the valve seals without removing the head... It could be worth just replacing them if your pistons and rings truly are still sound.

It reminded me of this fascinating thread:,carcode,1432913,parttype,5800

Now at 180,000 miles, my 2004 burns about 1/2 quart of 5W-30 high mileage oil per 5000 miles.

Thanks for the reply. I am following this video (1ZZFE Oil Consumption Fix How-To 8th Gen VVTi Corolla +similar: with the factory repair manual. I am in the midst of the project, I will post findings and outcome after I finish.

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