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So I Just Bought An Injen Cai For My 2003 Corolla....

by DailiyDriverEnthusiast, March 21, 2015

any thoughts on this? I heard Injen used to make the TRD parts and that many people are pretty satisfied.... was curious to see what ya'll thought about it if any of you have it installed in your whips...?? default_biggrin

Correct, Injen was the vendor on some generations of TRD parts. Given that you have a 2003 - you'll also benefit from not having the air-injection pain. So unlikely to get continuous CELs that those got from time to time.

As for performance, depends on what other supporting mods there are on the car. Mostly, with a CAI installed, you'll notice a much more intake noise and reverb, as you bypassed the resonator that is part of the air box.

Performance improvements - probably a couple of HP at best. The 1ZZ-FE in these couple of generations are pretty optimized out of the box. Bolt-ons don't really make a huge amount of power. Louder intake noise, better throttle response - that's about what you should expect.

Even with the typical trinity of mods - intake, exhaust, and header - most gain that people saw was about 5WHP!. To get some bigger power numbers - you'll have to go forced induction, nitrous, or engine swap.

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