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Fuel Presure? Or?

By James 53 February 11, 2015

I have a 2005 Corolla with 140,000 miles. Recently the engine ran very rough then quite; it will start (after a lot of effort on the starter) then the RPMs will increase to about 6,000 then the engine will stop. I purchased a code reader which indicated the #1 fuel injector was bad so I replaced that and the spark plugs - problem still there. I checked the fuel injector resistance and they were all within about .1 ohm (11.2) so that is not the problem. All four of the ignition coils are delivering spark so that is not the problem. I want to do a fuel pressure test but there is no place to connect the fuel pressure gage. I' thinking the fuel filter needs replaced but the filter is part of the fuel pump and the pump model will have to be replaced that contains the filter.

Is there a way to check the fuel pressure or does anyone have any other ideas what could cause this problem? I don't want to get into replacing parts (expensive) w/o knowing what the problem is.

Thanks for any help.

You have to have a SST (Special Service Tool) that will "t" into the main fuel line under the hood. That will give you an access port to measure fuel pressure. Fuel filter is unlikely to be bad, unless you knowingly filled up with questionable gasoline or accidentally filled with something like diesel. The system is a return-less setup, only filtering gas that is needed, on demand, and backflush it when the car is shut off.

Other possibilities would be ECM related or the upstream AFR sensor. When they fail, they don't always throw up a code. Could be as simple as a loose chassis ground or bad charging system, as this engine (1ZZ-FE) is particularly sensitive to electrical noise.

Behavior acts sort of like a bad vacuum leak - could be a number of sources on that. Much of that was talked about recently in some posts here.

Which trouble code were you getting, and is it still there?

Did the engine actually rev up to 6000 rpm when started, or is your tachometer acting erratically? Was your ECM replaced on the recall?

Also, have you replaced your leaking original intake manifold gasket for revised orange silicone gasket # 17171-22060?

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