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2002 Low Washer Fluid Indicator Light

by autotech2612, September 15, 2014

My owner's manual says I have a low windshield washer fluid indicator light, but nothing illuminates. The only electrical component I can find on the tank is the pump itself. It was very, very low today and I filled it. Is this optional on some Corollas or do some have it while others don't?

I think it was only an option on Canadian market Corollas, the US market didn't have the sending unit for the low washer fluid indicator.

I've noticed it's usually Honda that gives their Canadian models more options and standard equipment, such as heated side-view mirrors. In my roommate's Accord owner's manual, there are a lot of references to "Canadian models".

It would certainly be nice to have that indicator light in our Corollas, especially during winter.

Yeah, not sure why they do it that way - my Corolla was even made in Canada. To be fair, Canada doesn't get some of the models or equipment/trim levels that we get in the states like the 1st gen Scion tC.

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