Rumbling Noise In 99 Prizm

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I changed the wheel bearing and I had a new cv joint installed about 2 months ago. I still hear a grumbling sound. As I increase speed, the noise gets louder.

What could it be?

Can you localize the noise - coming more from one particular corner of the car or from both? Changed both bearings and axle or just the one corner? OEM part or aftermarket? Mileage on the car now? Gets better, worse, or no difference if you turn the wheel when you hear the noise.

If you can pinpoint the noise to one corner - try lifting that corner of the car up and spin the tire by hand. See if you can reproduce that noise. If you can - likely something on that corner (bad bearing, bad axle, bad hub). If sounds like it is coming from both -use a stethoscope to make sure the sound isn't coming from the transaxle.

Grumbling noise is usually a really worn out bearing or bad CV joint. Could also be a worn tierod end (can make a low pitched rattling noise) or excessively worn suspension (low pitched, metallic thumping or knocking noise). Could also be a bad belt tensioner, worn serpentine belt, or bad accessory pulley/bearing. That sort of noise can be transferred easier - making it a lot harder to isolate the noise.

Its in on the front, driver side. I jacked up the car and spun the tire, didn't hear anything bad. When I turn the tire, I don't hear it.

Any free play or wiggling on that corner? Might have to really push/pull on the wheel - if you have someone to help out, have them try and twist the tire around while you look at the hub, links, suspension points, etc.

I'm an idiot, it was the bearing on the front passenger side