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2002 Trunk And Gas Latch Loose....

by Steves40th, July 10, 2014

I must have hit it with my shoes getting out of the car, but the lever by the front seat is loose. It works, but jiggles around. Is it a simple pop in fixture? Or something I need to prepare to buy...

Possible that the cables to them got stretched out? Cable is binding somewhere? If it helps, on my own 2002 - they aren't as tight as they were when the car was new - especially the trunk lever, it sort of sticks up a bit. The bushing on the pivot point is where mine wiggles around. Might try lubricating the pivot point to see if that helps any - as that seems to have helped a little in my case.

Thanks, I will give it a looksee here soon. It is forced down and I am thinking the mounting bolt may be broke? Too?

Ah, forced down. Hard to say - it could be a wonky or broken pivot point. Could also be the plastic stop on the backside is broken. You'll have to pull the whole assembly out to be sure.

Here is a write up on TN - for a 7th gen Corolla, but they are very similar to the setup we have on the 8th gen.

You can see in some of the pictures the main pivot point as well as the plastic travel stops. Could be that the lever got twisted and either chewed into the plastic stop or the stop is broken off.

Makes sense. When I get off work at 6 am I will get into it..Thanks again, andnice write up on the other forum

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