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Where Is The Clothes Hook In The 2014 Corolla?

By corollamike, April 13, 2014 in Toyota Corolla (2009 until 2018-19 “TNGA”)

Will someone please explain the lack of a clothes hook in the 2014 Corolla?


Where is it? Why isn't it there? Have Toyota determined we no longer have a need for a clothes hook? All my life I've seen them in every car in which I've ridden or driven.

What do people do, hang their clothes from the handle? Are they able to handle the static weight of a couple of suits and stuff? Anyway, the lack of a hook just seems weird to me, and perhaps my confusion is an unworthy topic to post here, but it is on my mind. Just trying to understand Toyota's methods.

For instance, I know Toyota design their vehicles to be "average", and there is no fault in that. Matter of fact, average can be quite good. But it chaps my backside that they've taken so much of what I like about my '09 out of the '14: upper glove box, coin box, center stack side pockets, the extra 12V power outlet, and a couple other features that made me very much like my S model.

And, the prices of certain '14 S models come very close to a similarly-appointed Camry, so, I don't get Toyota's new design language. Auto journalists like the outside, but with less features on the inside, is the new '14 'Rolla really that good?

It seems Corollas in North American come equipped sans rear clothes hook, but their European (in this case, Australian) counterparts DO have them: Click "sedan" button along the top row, then the "show more" button a little further down.

This photo is from Toyota Denmark:

So, the issue here is with Toyota USA and Toyota Canada saving a few pennies by deleting features. Nice.

no clothes hook since 2011. I just hang my hanger on the oh snit handle. Why is there no hook? Well, budget and cost saving. The corolla in other parts of the world have amenities that are not offered on the North American ones. In the US the idea that bigger is better means that sales of small cars are not what they are in other parts of the world, hence why midsize cars are the number 1 sellers in the US (compacts are number 1 here in Canada). In other markets the Corolla is more expensive and thus justifies it to be more "luxurious" and offer more items (there a pics with what seems to be headlight washers, the rear seats have a foldable armrest, and little things like that) Most people in North America will not be willing to pay 30grand for a "snipty" "crappy" or what ever else people call small cars, Corolla. again in other markets people are willing to pay more for the same car.

Meanwhile, the Yaris has a clothes hook--as of 2012, anyway. And, European shoppers can have a Yaris with a tilting AND telescoping steering wheel, while American shoppers have to make do with only a tilt feature.

Appreciate your input, however I think the issue is simple American greed. The country-club set who run Toyota USA want more money in their pockets, and they're getting it by stripping features from US models currently available in other markets.

For a brief time, I knew a guy who worked at the Toyota engine plant in Buffalo, WV. He said at the beginning, the whole plant was managed and operated by Japanese engineers and business people. As time passed, those Japanese personnel were replaced with American counterparts. I asked him the difference between working for the Japanese as opposed to Americans, and he told me when the Japanese ran it, he liked it there very much. But as they were replaced by Americans, he didn't like it as well. He eventually took an early retirement.

well, even if the plant is run by Americans Toyota is still Japanese and would have to comply with the Japanese rules. American greed may be one thought but ultimately it is what the consumers want. The consumers tastes are different in different parts of the world. In Europe there is no issue to pay more money for a small hatch, it is a trend they have been doing for years, e.g Audi A1, MB A class, BMW 1 series etc etc, thus that will dictate the added content as the consumer is paying for it. I the US the general attitude is to mock and criticize small cars so the manufacturer will not add content and to then ask for more money as they already have a hard time selling it there. Here is a video of the Corolla Altis, for the up and coming Exec, 2.0 engine, reclining back seat among other things.


Am having difficulty following the logic behind the removal of items Americans want because they're not what Americans want. Makes no sense. Never in my life have I seen a car without clothes hooks in the back. Never. And now I'm to believe Toyota have removed them because they know Americans don't want them?


If so, then why does the Yaris have them? Or the KIA Rio? Sure, the Nissan Versa hasn't them, but you'd expect that.

I give up, 'cause it's like trying to push a rope down the road. The world I used to know is no more.

corollamike the world you used to know is no more. heck the one I knew is no more. why does the Yaris have hooks and not the corolla, honestly IDK but generally speaking what the market buys is what dictates what a company will push. In the US midsize cars are where it is at. as far as sedans go they are the number one sellers. Toyota and others will push the midsize car and offer more "bang" for the buck. In Canada the compact is the car market. so in Canada they will push the "bang" for buck thing on the compacts. Case in point. the last gen (10 - 10.5) Corolla had no option of push button start in the US(maybe the LE but I don't think so) in Canada the LE was available with Push button start and auto air as a package. in 2012 and 2013 the S model had available option of push to start and auto air. (not in the US) The XRS was available in Canada until 2012 in the US it was Axed after 2010. The Matrix was axed in 2013 in US but still is sold in Canada (hatches are more popular here). Economy also plays a role. In Canada the Corolla CE ( L in the US) was sold with crank windows, and manual door locks, even in 2013, to keep the price down while starting in 2011 the L model in the US came with electric windows and door locks. Why and who makes the decisions is not known to me. the Koreans have for many years offered a lot of content for not much price and if the customers that bought Toyota's had decided to tell Toyota (by means of purchasing other veh's) to step up their game and offer more content in their veh's for the same price then Toyota would have jumped on the band wagon years ago. However because of the reputation of reliability and ease to maintain people continued to purchase Toyotas that had 4-speed auto's and small things like no usb connection etc. And yes maybe even coat hooks. It is becoming the trend (even in the US) to offer more for less or the same money but it took Toyota, and Honda for that matter, a long time to start that trend. I don't want to harp and continue but Toyota relied on the reputation (insert all the recalls here) and the fact that their vehicles last for ever for too long and are now playing a bit of catch up to the other manufacturers. Anyway I will leave it at that and yes I do LOVE my Rolla...push to start and all lol

Well, the business of the world I've known going bye-bye has been on my mind for awhile. For some years now, I've seen what we've had taken away, and I just don't understand it. And I'm not talking about just some stupid clothes hooks, but much more important stuff.

My '09 'Rolla was my wife's car, and though she liked it, she just didn't love it. Eight months after she got the Corolla, she bought an '09 Focus SEL and is now very happy. The air-bag spring-electrical-coil-connector-thing recall will be the FOURTH recall for the Corolla, while the grand total of all recalls for my wife's Focus comes to exactly ZERO.

I'll keep the Corolla for as long as I can. Only has a little over 35,000 on the odo, anyway. And I'm going to enjoy using its clothes hooks, too.

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