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Very informative forum. Hope I can contribute. I do have a 2000 Corolla that needs 4 used steel wheels for mounting snow tires. Does anyone know if the steel wheels from other model years will fit the 2000 Corolla? Trying to make it easier to find the wheels. Have had very good luck with my Corolla's in the past. Just junked (due to rust) a 1989 model with 315,000 miles and no major repairs. I do have the Toyota shop manuals for 1989, 1993 and 2000. If anyone needs information from these manual I will try to help. Thanks

Guest Toyota-san is a good source and where I got mine for my 2005 LE

Hi Gene, welcome to the forum.

I believe my 7th gen (97) has the same wheel specs as your 8th gen.

Have you tried salvage yards in your area? I pretty much swear by scrap yards for this type of thing. Example, I got nearly new Michelin winter tires for $35 CAD. I'm looking into alloy wheels which my scrap yard quoted me $50 for.

I gotta bunch of guys around here, cause I live near Montreal, a big city. If you're in a small community, you can try on the net for salvage yards, and even with shipping, you might save.

Good luck.

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