My 01 Corolla With New Wheels.

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Not bad for a old car huh?

Took off the 14" 195/60s and put on new 16" 205/45s. It handles corners better with the wider lower profile tires and should improve grip in the rain too since the 195 likes to skid during takeoff in the rain.

Tein H Teck lowering springs are on their way which will help handling, lessen the wheel well gap and improve the car's resistance against side winds at high speeds while only being a mild drop of around 1.5" in the front and .8" in the rear so I don't bottom out when turning into parking lots.

I also sanded the dark grey rusty drums and used high temp silver paint to help them look better.

Here's the old wheels:

These are the new ones:

Awwwwwwesome!!!!! Wow, those wheels and tires look great! What brand name of rims are those? MSW? What style? They're righteous!!!!!

Clean! Classic styling that complements the car - great choice in wheel size - 16" wheels visually make it look "correct" for the car.

Thanks fish. I didn't like the silver drums. They made the car look like a young punk drives it to me, so I repainted them to a dark grey and they look better I think. Now they are a closer match to the color of the front rotors.