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Miata Daisy Rims On Prizm

by Opium, December 27, 2012

Well that sucks, at least spacers are well understood, just keep them to a minimum thickness needed to clear the caliper and all should be golden. Interesting that it was making contact with a 45mm offset? Possible that the Miata site I was looking up the info had a typo, that or the spokes have a lot more curvature than normal. I take it clearance is good around the struts/spring?


I bought some 1/4inch spacers and that was way more than I needed. I need some that are about 3mm thick but I can't find them.

I don't think its not difficult to find them. You can purchase them from ( Here are few photos of 3mm soacers... hope this is what you are looking for. Its only for $49 which is not a very high price. Good luck

Now I know what I need to do. I need to get longer Wheel Studs/lug nut studs.

Type :Serrated StudThread :M12-1.5Knurl Dia. :14.20mmLength :40mmShoulder Length :8mm

I found the oem size but where can I get the studs that are longer and would fit the stock hub?

They specifically make longer studs for those running spacers and similar. Try JEGS or similar performance aftermarket retailer. They sell them under the description of extended wheel studs.

Just a note, not too bad to install, but in some instances - you might have a tough time getting those longer studs to get past dust shields / hub flanges. Depends on how long those extended studs are.

I found the spacer that I need, which is a 3mm but I asked jegs and they asked me for more specific details on the oem lug studs.

Which the only info I had, is the one I posted on the length, etc..

That should have been more than enough info. Nothing special about the Toyota studs, in fact, the studs they use are pretty much the same on all Toyotas that fit the M12-1.5 threads (1968-current). Only the length varies from 37mm-40mm.

Here is a length to an ICHIBA branded extended wheel stud - perfect for those running a thinner spacer (less than 5mm).

There are others out there, just picked them as an example. Have to watch how long of an extended stud you get. Once you get past a certain point - they recommened spot welding the stud on for safety. Usually those will have a slighly narrower knurl, so that there is a lot of slop when pulled though the hub. Probably won't see those issues if you keep the extended stud length under 60-70mm.

I found them. At first, i went to ICHIBA's website and it showed sold out. But I checked on ebay and found them 50mm length thats more than enough.

Now to get the spacer, I'm guessing I'll need a 3mm or maximum, a 5mm spacers.

anyone here who have tried the H&R spacers?

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