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Car Shops In Japan

By GearSpeedKelvo, September 25, 2012

Does anyone here know car shops in japan selling used both oem and performance parts, used engines and used cars?


Not sure what you are after - just trying to source possible places to order parts from? Are you in the US/Canada, Europe, Australia/NSW? Sure there are performance shops overseas - many do sell OEM, OEM replacements, and their branded performance parts. As for engine assemblies - they do have JDM distributors that sell used powertrains that come from outdated models/ones that no longer conform to emission standards. Those usually head to major port locations in NJ, TX, Cali, and HI where there are JDM distributors/wholesalers. Just keep in mind that the emissions setups between the JDM and USDM markets are significantly different. Cannot assume that you can similar swap over a JDM engine into a USDM car and expect it to work. In pre-OBD and OBD-I era engines this is feasible - now with ODB-II ISO and CAN interfaces - completely different ballgame.

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