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By marpolsdofer, July 25, 2012

short story I wreaked my car to many times had 1.8 7AFE and A245E 4 speed. O.D. I found car with blown engine with 1.6 4AFE and speed. So I am preforming a tranny and engine swap.

First thing I noticed, there is no wiring for the O/D. Both female and male connectors do not have them. I thought it would be present on one of them but its not.

So where do I run the wires to to make the O/D to work.

Does any one have pics or a explanation on how to wire it?

It a little to hot and humid to be tracing wires.

Also has any one had problem with there differential?

I had the deferential case (the axle support section) it warped and stated to gul and and welded some debrie to the axle. I think the axle came lose and slammed around a bit after the C/V boot came loose, combination of leaking oil seal, and lack of oil flow becaues of dented filter.

Anyways I was thinking of welding the support hole shut and then re-boring the hole (much like they do on construction equipment pivot point). Hell even thought of making a babit bearing.

After some thought (mostly price of supplies and time consumption). We are going to boar the hole bigger and then create a sleeve for it. We are still deciding will we sleeve the case or the axle then we will know where to put the groves in. Then on what metal to use for it (brass, brass, ext).

Differential case (that has no gears or anything) is $450 (gears are about $230 each). 3 speed is little different. Junk yard would have taken lost of time) So machining was more of a logical option .Specially when you know how to do the work and friend does to

For the wiring - you'll have to either pull the harness from your existing car to the donor car. The A245E transaxle is electronically controlled, so not really a simple matter of a couple wires here and there. You'll eventually have to do a fair amount of wire tracing if you opt to wire it up in that manner - be easier to just pull the harness from the other car.

Not understanding the warped axle support section - are you talking about the differential oil seals on the sides? What part is warped, just the seals or the actual case. If the case is warped, you'll be better served by just scraping the transaxle. If it bad seals - easy to fix, as long as the case is in good shape. If the case is distorted / oil seals will not be able to do their job.

Boring the oil seal seat and sleeving it, is a recipe for problems down the road. You'll have to disassemble the transaxle a fair bit to be able to start - even if you are doing all the work yourself - just the high resolution torque wrench you'll need to set the preload on the bearings, after you took it apart - will cost close to what you'd spend for a clean, used transaxle. I'd even go with an 8th gen Corolla A245E transaxle and swap the bellhousing or machine an adapter ring to make it fit the 7AFE before I'd think about sleeving the oil seal seat.

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