A Little Fun With The Odometer

Here is your Toyota car information!

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Wow! default_blink I'm only at 240,000 Kms.

I just turned over 13,000 miles on my 2010 'S'

I got it June 28th, 2010, so I've had it for a couple months less than 2 years.

It sits a lot and I really only drive shorter trips.

Most of the miles that she's had put on her are highway miles driving from Michigan to Ohio to visit family.

You're like me Mike, I always watched the odo for big numbers or paterns like 123,321 etc... here's a pic of my last biggie.... the miles are real, but I have to admit the speedo pointer has been Gimped.

It's a good thrill to capture mileage markers. My Corolla had 230,000 miles on it. (1994).

My Corolla(2003 CE) had the odometer stop at 299999km.Now I have to keep track of the kilometers by watching the trip meter,which still works.Currently I'm at 322000km.

Total repairs to date,one wheel bearing and one seized brake caliper.

my 2000 corolla had only 72k miles on it when i sold it last year, i was the only owner. my car still looked brand new and i actually sold it for $5000 which was surprisingly high.

This is a pic of my 98 corolla. I got it for $1500 almost five years ago, it had 212k miles.

In 2010, when i joined the forum it had 245k miles..

Im waiting on it to turn 300k to rebuild the engine. With the piston/rings problem out of the equation im hoping it will at least give me another 200k!!!