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By cirrus, January 27, 2012

Hi guys

Figured let me ask here as the pads might be the same between brands of cars. The Honda dealer told me the front pads on our 2002 Civic LX were almost wore out and I should do them now. So I took them off and looked myself...from the back of the pad plate(not including the plate) to the surface was .140". (the Haynes says 1/16" is wore out measuring like i did)

When I asked how they measured them he kinda acted that if I run them down so that the groove cut across the center of the pad is gone its time.(there was about .080" left in the groove) Man that leaves a fair amount of pad. I dont feel like doing the job right now(wait till it gets abit warmer)but is the dealers warning justified?


Some pads have grooves, some do not. Most of the time, that is only for pad expansion and some heat control. But once the pad wear down and touch the groove, the pad is done. You might have a significant amount of pad material still left on the backing plate and even if perfectly worn down, ie. evenly, the pad should be replaced.

The issue is not having enough friction material - the big issue is heat control. Once the pad gets worn down to that point, a couple of hard stops is all it take to mechanically separate the pad from the backing plate. If pad is evenly worn down, it should be still safe to drive those pads until the wear hits the groove. At that point, you have a limited amount of time before you really get into trouble.

No worries, there still sounds like a bit of wiggle room from what you described - should be able to make it to warmer weather, depending on how you drive. The dealership's concern is justified in avoiding liability - better to err on the safe side that invite problems down the road. The basic dealership CYA policy.

Thanks Fish! Actually I thought that last night...that the groove is there for a reason...probably heat issues so I better not run to long without it. Also that groove number I had was from the bigger pad. The dealer said on this car its very normal for it to wear the outer pad faster than the inner one. So I think by the end of March(or sooner) I better get them off. I'll grab a set of them and get ready for the next warm day. Just hope when I see on the part store sites..."fits your car" they really mean that. Or just go and get the Honda ones unless their price is crazy high.

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