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Adjusting 2009 Corolla Headlights

By Guest SAM45, December 12, 2010 in Toyota Corolla (2009 until 2018-19 “TNGA”)

Guest SAM45

Does anyone know how to adjust the headlights up on 2009 Corolla LE? I looked for the adjusting screws behind the head light, but could not find any...

They can be adjusted vertically, cannot be adjusted horizontally. Look for the flat washer looking portion that has teeth cut into the side, take a philips head screwdriver and turn it to adjust. Remember how much you adjusted the lamps, just in case you need to bring them back to factory position.

Generally do not need to adjust them unless the front of the car got buggered up. I know some what to crank them up to put more light down the road - but there is a reason that angle is set the way it is. If you need brighter lamps - invest in some performance Halogen or retrofit HIR bulbs in there. I wouldn't even think of HID unless you have HID projectors with them as well to retrofit into the existing housings.

Can you tell me i found the "flat washer with teeth cut into the side" but its difficult to turn. Is clockwise turns on the washer gonna adjust the light upwards or downwards?


here is a video that shows you how(watch at 6:02):


wow thnx gona check it out in a moment. my internet is slow, just need to wait a while for buffering.

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