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Possible Engine Swap With Corolla And Camry

By oneton95, November 25, 2010 in Performance, Engines, Engine Swaps, Cornering

I have a wrecked 98 corolla, also have a 98 camry in great shape except the motor is shot. Is it possible to swap the engine out of the corolla into the camry? Just wondering if anyone as done this or if its possible.


Anything is possible with enough time and money. Motor will physically fit in fine, though the car will be woefully underpowered by the 1ZZ-FE. Mounts will have to be fabricated, new axles used (track is different), lots of rewiring, etc. - but entirely possible. The opposite is happening more often now - people swapping in Camry motors into their Corollas - since there are more available 2.4L motors from different platforms that are available at salvage yards.

the 5S is a easy fixer upper you could get a 3s 2.0 ltr for near free from most yards i go to a 1.8 ltr from a 2.4 will be Widiculous


um a 1zz-fe camry? default_blink

Guest Izzi

I've got a 98 camry, just wondering if the 2zz vvtli motor from the 05 corolla would fit and if so what would need to be done to make it fit

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