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So You Think You Know About Motor Oil?

By cesar, November 24, 2010

Hi guys, i found this article about motor oil and i think the lot of us car owners will benefit from reading this.

this article Will be helpful since most of us are completely wrong when we talk motor oil.

(not to mention most of us have issues with the eight gen corolla "oil drinking habits"!! haha..



Wow nice link Cesar. Lol just like you said

I was completely wrong on what i tought i knew about motor oil.

Haha i just read the firt two articles then i

Had to come back to say thanks!!

I will go finish reading all of it.

P.s. this isnt a competition ”bitter”.

If you had a better link why didnt you even bother posting it in the first place.

What you posted is just a copy of cesars link anyway!! Why is it better?

because the OP's link doesn't work right and just sends you to BITOG website.

edit, now his link works right. odd, when I clicked it before all I got was the BITOG main page, not the article.

Odd? Ooook. let's just go with that and try to be more careful next time we try to say some one's link not working properly and worst of all, embarass ourselves.

Thanks pichi. Glad it helped.

I know, i was one of those people that would say "30 weight" instead of "30 grade".

Lol that is no big deal thou, but i did learn lots of good stuff i did not know.

I've been on Bob's forum a few times when searching for oil / filter answers.

One hell of a smart guy.

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