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By Guest cororra, November 24, 2010 in Toyota Corolla (2009 until 2018-19 “TNGA”)

Guest cororra

i have a 6-disc cd stacker(mp3) headunit in my corolla 09 hatchback model.

And the cd/aux button just doesnt work only the radio works.

i also cant 'load' cds into the slot (when you press and hold the load button - it continuosly says wait wait wait etc..and then goes back to radio.

its supposed to say 'load' then you can put cds in..

i tried puttin in a cd and it look like the slot(where you pput the cd) has moved or something as when i try and put it in you can see metal but no hole to go further..

and if i want to hook up an mp3 player the aux doesnt work either.

any help?

thank you

Guest cororra

ok im a fool for one part, to get the aux working first plugin the 3.5 jack line out then the button works, but still cant figure out why the cd wont work.

Did you slide a CD partially in first, when you hit the load button? You have to put a CD in the opening, so it presses on the little microswitch there, otherwise the headunit will time out and go to radio.

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