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1989 Corolla 1.6L What Transmissions

By Guest x42bnx, August 7, 2010 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest x42bnx

I have an 89 Corolla Wagon DX with the 1.6 & 4 SPD Auto.

The engine breathed it's last at 250,000 and I have a new engine to put in and while I am at it I would like to go 5 SPD. Which years can I use the 5 SPD and what will I need?

oh what engine did you get? that will make a difference with what transmission due to differing gear ratios.

If your putting another 4afe in there, I've been led to believe ( as of yet have any real life experience ) that the c-52 model transaxle has the better(?) gear ratios and is a little heavier duty. Good luck finding one though, they are found in ae92 gts' and most are picked clean quite quickly in wrecking yards of any kind, at least in my area. Though I did find three ae82 fx 16s that have them long after my tranny swap was done.Other than that you can use the run of the mill c-50 transaxle I'm quite happy with mine it works great,  It's found in most every 6th generation corolla you see.<br>

Guest x42bnx

If I don't have access to an ae92, what other years would be possible. Yes it's a 4afe.

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