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By blh1960, April 20, 2010

My 06 Corrolla was Blowing warm air after the winter. I thought I had a leak. Pick up some r134a and tried to top it off. No leak?Now what?Unit was full according to my gauge.Compressor does not seem to turn on. Checked all the connections I could locate. Looked at the fuse box for an open fuse.I notice there are a couple of sensors involved in the repair section.One is an amplifier, and the other, I think was an idle up vcv sensor.Could somebody chime in on my problem? This is my first post.



Could be a number of things happening here. Does the compressor come on at all? Anything out of the ordinary - i.e., A/C button LED blinks? Does the car idle speed increase when you switch on the A/C? How about blower operation - do you get all fan speeds, verify that air is moving through the vents?

First thing I'd check is the A/C fuse. It should be a 7.5A fuse, in a box by the radiator support. The next one I'd check is the Magnetic Clutch relay - which is in a box close to the battery. Be the relay on the far right hand side, right next to the fuses.

After that, could be any number of sensors - which would require a FSM or similar to run through a gauntlet of checks to verify operation.

Compressor is not coming on. I pick up some cheap manifold gauges.equal pressure both sides. Looked at fuses, found the relay for clutch, will borrow from my Mother and laws Matrix to see if that is the problem. Think possible pressure switch or compressor.

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