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A246E Checkball

Guest DoItMyself

I have a Vibe with an a246e transmission. When my TCC solenoid went out, I found on some "other" forum that I probably needed to drop the valve body to replace it. I don't think that's true, anymore, but it's too late! I'm ready to put it back together, but I'm not exactly sure where the checkball and spring go. The diagram and instructions I followed for removing the valve body didn't even mention this little detail.

Also, I wish I had made sure my oil drain pan was spotless BEFORE I dropped the tranny pan. There was a small (about 1/4" inner) o-ring laying in my drain pan after draining the fluid.

It's not from one of the three solenoids. Is there supposed to be an o-ring on the manual valve? It doesn't seem so. Is there some other common place an o-ring would come from?

I'm sort of regretting doing this, now ... buy if someone could help me get this back together, I'd appreciate it.

iirc theres a recall/tsb on the tcc solenoid code for a faulty pcm. toyota has it, not sure why i've never been able to find it for pontiac.

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