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Im billy and it already been two weeks since picking up my 2007 corolla S with 26K for only 12G. I brought it at the nissan shop i guess they were scare that no one would by a Toyota becasuse of the recall issue so they lower it by alot. My only mods are an ebay strut bar yellow fogs yellow high beam bulb. I will take some pics but ill wait till my bro gives me his set of Lexus IS250 17 rims since he always gets free rims at his workplace Lexus


Good price too - $12K for a 2007 Corolla S with 26,000 miles. They have been averaging around $13K to $15K in my area with a lot more miles on them.

Just a FYI - those Lexus wheels are a 5x114.3 bolt pattern with a 50mm offset on the OEM 17x8 wheel size. The Corolla takes a 5x100 bolt pattern, 35-45mm offset range, and max 7" width.

Only way to make them fit is to get a hub adapter and spacer to match the bolt pattern and push the offset. But at that width - you'd be hitting the fender full on. Rolling the lip will probably not get you that much room, plus if you plan on dropping it, will increase the likelyhood of contact even more - at that point, you'd have to pull the fender or run a wicked negative camber.

Too funny, I also bought an 07 Corolla LE with 26K miles on it for $12K, just last week! A replacement for my 05 that was totalled 3 weeks ago when I had an elderly gentleman run a stop sign and t-bone the drivers' side.

Not planning on modifying until I have it paid off in a couple months. It did come with the alloy wheels, which I love! It's a great car! Welcome to the forum! default_biggrin

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