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2Zzge In 95 Corolla

Guest 2zzcorolla

hi im new here and want to build a project car witch will be my race car,i wanted to know what i would have to do to install a 05-06 2zz-ge in a 95 corolla please give me some info thanks.

That is a pretty loaded question - to help flesh out this post, what previous experience do you have with swapping FWD transverse engines? What made you decide to pick the 2ZZ-GE? Have you looked into other engine swaps options?

The 2ZZ-GE engine will physically fit - the mounts would need to be changed, though. Fortunately, the 7th gen and 8th gen are very similar in body design, so relocating powertrain bits will require little fabrication. Mechanically, not too bad of a swap - electronically, a little different story. Best to get the whole driveline from the donor vehicle - engine, transaxle, hubs, axles, front and rear disk brakes (unless you plan on running something else for the hubs, axles, and brakes), wiring harness, ECM (under glovebox), integration relay and cluster (unless you plan on running a custom setup). What EMS systems have you spec'd out or were you planning to run the OEM ECM?

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