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Starter Motor Graunching

By kiwi, January 10, 2010

So general discussion is for non-toyota right? Sweet, well I just got a 89 Cefiro with a RB20E in it and have plans for it further down the line when I've got a bit of cash saved up. I want this project to learn a bit more regarding electrics and mechanics, the kind of thing thats a bit more than changing belts or timing and that.

The starter is hard out graunching when I start it up so was wondering if anyone on here has info on reconditioning starters (if its even possible)


Depends on the condition of the starter and what is wrong with it. Most common issue with starters are worn contacts, brushes, and/or stuck plunger. If the little gear (bendix) is chewed up or the winding internally are damaged, then I'd just replace it. Contacts, brushes, and cleaning the pluger are fairly inexpensive to do - as long as the starter is in good shape otherwise. Might be lucky and find a starter rebuild kit, that generally gives you the contact, brushes, springs, hardware, etc. to do a DIY rebuild. As I recall, those Nissan starters are fairly easy to rebuild - though I'm not certain, if they changed anything when they there were installed in other markets (Cefiro/Laurel).

Cheers man, I'll have a look around for a manual then so I can easier diagnose if its fixable

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